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This is me working at the Singapore Polo Club stables

This is me working at the Mt. Pleasant stables at the Singapore Polo Club. I go to work at the stables every Saturday and Sunday morning. My friends at the stables are Guna, Kumar, Uncle Rozli, Sharil, Madhu and Uncle Sanny. I help look after Mayday, Strawberry, Unica, Passion, Estrella and many other polo ponies. In this video I am feeding the horses their hay. I learned how to tack the horses for polo, untack and shower the horses when they come back from riding, I also groom and feed the horses. My favourite jobs are mucking out the stables and loading the dirty shavings into the dumptruck with the forklift. Sometimes Uncle Sanny takes me riding on Mayday. She is my favourite polo pony. I love working at the stables.

January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015